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The Berlin-based company Inpeddo was founded in the summer of 2008 in the flat country of northern Germany. However, in the last few years our creative focus has completely shifted to Berlin. Much has changed over time and the small local brand has grown into a nationally recognized brand. The name Inpeddo, a bit special at first glance, underlines, then like today, the meaning of skate for us: In Petto, coming from Italian, means something like "to carry something in your chest or in your heart. ". It is precisely this deep bond that we want to convey with each of our products. Inpeddo was born out of a passion for skateboarding, in petto, combined with a small North German dialect, became the name of the Inpeddo label. When designing our products, we often work with renowned artists such as For example Dave The Chimp (England), Lucas Beaufort (France) or the Krid Collectiv (Switzerland) together. Always up to date, stylish products, linked to an interesting history, to be offered at fair prices and always conveying the positive atmosphere of skateboarding. Quality is especially important to us, because in addition to the many skateboarders, our team riders in Germany, Austria and Switzerland want only the best under their feet.

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