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Sweets Kendamas is the brainchild of Matt "Sweets" Jorgenson. Yes, he is a person, and a unique person. He enjoys all skill challenges and broke his back while doing a backflip on a snowboard forcing him to focus on hobbies with less risk of repeat injury. His parents were both entrepreneurs, and he knew he wanted to find something he was passionate about and start his own business. Sweets found Kendama, fell in love, and began a mission to make them more accessible outside of Japan. After graduating with a major in communications from the University of Minnesota, he found other people who liked Kendama on Youtube and asked if his new company could sponsor them. He also found friends to work for Pizza and Beer to help grow the business with sweat and creativity, wanting to create designs that had never been done before. Sweets never allowed Sweets Kendamas to release a product that he wouldn't use himself, taking a player-centric approach to our design, function and quality.

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