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List of products by brand SANTA CRUZ

Santa Cruz is a skateboard brand created in 1973 in Santa Cruz (California) by Rich Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman, the official name of the company being ''NHS INC'' for Novak - Haut - Shuirman. It is the oldest active Skateboard company in the world. The first products made in Santa Cruz were fibreglass decks, ball bearings and skateboard wheels. In 1976, the merger between NHS and ERMICO gave birth to the brand the Independent Truck Company. ERMICO was founded by Fausto Vitello, the man behind Thrasher Magazine...it's a small world! :-) Santa Cruz also gave rise to ''The Screaming Hand'', the famous drawing by Jim Phillips (artist, graphic designer), which has become iconic of skating scene and is recognised outside of the scene.

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