How to choose your freestyle scooter handlebars

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The first step in choosing a handlebar is to select the ideal material for your riding style. There are 3 types of material. You can choose between steel, aluminium and titanium. Among the best steel bars, we suggest ETHIC Tenacity, which lasts over time as its name suggests.

Aluminium and titanium, on the other hand, are two more flexible materials. Aluminium is more fragile than steel, but much lighter, which is ideal for skateboarding. In fact, having a lighter freestyle scooter offers greater responsiveness and manoeuvrability, which you need in a skatepark.

Titanium combines strength and flexibility. It's a lightweight material, so it's recommended for skateboarding.

which shape to choose ?

Now that you've chosen your material, you need to choose the shape of your handlebars. There are two categories of handlebar shape: Y/V-Bars and T-Bars.
The shape is of little importance whatever your riding style; your choice will depend more on your preferences. Some Y-bars have backsweeps (an incline of a few degrees towards the rear). These backsweeps can help you pull in bar spins (turn the handlebars on themselves) or ride in manual (on the rear wheel).

Which syze for me ?

Once you've chosen the shape of your handlebars, you now need to select their size. Ideally, your handlebars should reach between your crotch and your navel. Choose one that's closer to your navel (i.e. bigger) if you're looking for more stability. Ideal for street riding. Conversely, choose a smaller one for greater responsiveness, which is what you need in the skatepark.

Here's a guide to handlebar sizes based on your height and riding style.

Now that you've chosen the length of your handlebars, you can choose the width. The wider the bar, the more power you'll have. On the other hand, a narrower bar will be quicker to turn, but the rider will have less strength to manoeuvre the handlebars. The choice depends on your riding style.  If you're a skatepark rider, it's a good idea to have a bar that's wide enough to do kickless tricks, for example. Street riders, on the other hand, tend to prefer narrower bars.

Diameter is just as important

When choosing your handlebars, make sure they are compatible with your compression system. If the two don't work together, you won't be able to ride your scooter. So unless you've bought handlebars to cut up and turn into nunchucks, it's best to choose a bar with the right diameter 😉.

As we saw above, there are handlebars in different materials. Steel and titanium ones come in two sizes, as they are stronger than aluminium and can afford to be thinner. A steel or titanium handlebar can therefore be either standard (31.8 mm) or oversize (34.9 mm). There are no aluminium oversize handlebars, only standard ones measuring 34.9 mm in diameter.

Compression systems

Finally, you need to choose a compression system that is compatible with your bar. To find out which bar fits which compression system, read our article or watch the video on the subject.

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