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FR Skates unveils 4 new colours

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Freestyle-freeskate is distinct from street skating, also known as aggressive skating. Aggressive rollerblading focuses more on tricks such as grinds on ramps and other obstacles. Freeskate, on the other hand, is more of a leisure sport, where you can do jumps and gain speed. The pleasure of gliding, manoeuvrability, agility in the urban world... freestyle rollerblading is a free rider's friend.

What's more, rollerblades are more than just sports accessories. They're a style statement. For freestyle-freeskate enthusiasts, choosing the right pair of rollerblades is crucial, not only for optimum performance, but also to reflect their personality. With this in mind, FR Skates, the number 1 brand in the roller market and renowned for its commitment to innovation and quality, proudly unveils four new colors. 

FRX 80 Minty

The freshness of mint is reflected in these Minty roller skates, offering a refreshingly lively aesthetic. With their pastel green hue, the FRX 80 Minty from FR Skates embody energy and vitality. Ideal for beginners, the FRX 80s are equipped with a rocker deck for greater manoeuvrability and easier slaloming.

FR3 80 Blue

Classic and timeless, blue is a colour that never goes out of fashion. The FR3 80 Blue from FR skates offer good value for money and come with a rockable deck. Instead of a Velcro fastening, they have a micrometric buckle to adjust the fit to the nearest millimetre. This pair is designed for beginner/intermediate level riders who enjoy a leisurely ride with a few basic tricks.

FR2 80 Light purple

For those who like to stand out from the crowd, the FR2 80 Light Purple adds a bold, sophisticated touch to your movements. They feature a micrometric buckle and a lighter, stronger rocker plate. The FR2 80s allow intermediate/advanced riders to tackle more advanced tricks freely on the city streets.


TThe subtle fusion of grey and blue gives The FR1 80 Grey Blue a timeless elegance. The neutral tone of grey is enhanced by soothing shades of blue, creating a subtle yet captivating contrast. The FR1 80s are perfect for those looking for high-level performance. These skates are designed for advanced riders. Fitted with top-of-the-range Street Invader wheels and tougher MW9 titanium bearings, the FR1 80s are built to withstand the impact of the toughest tricks.

Whether you opt for sophisticated Grey Blue, bold Light Purple, refreshing Minty or classic Blue, the new FR Skates colours offer a range of options to suit all tastes and styles. Combining build quality and modern aesthetics, these skates are designed to inspire riders to explore new horizons and push the boundaries of their creativity on wheels. Get ready to turn heads and dazzle crowds with your fluid movements and incomparable style, thanks to FR Skates and their mesmerising colour palette.

Whether you opt for the FR1 80 Grey Blue, the bold FR2 80 Light Purple, the classic FR3 80 Blue or the refreshing FRX 80 Minty, the new FR Skates colours offer a range of options to suit all tastes and abilities. Combining build quality and modern aesthetics, these skates are designed to inspire riders to explore new horizons and push their limits. With the FR Skates brand, world leader in freeskate-freeride rollerblades and renowned for the performance of its products, you can be sure of riding with quality equipment.

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