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Discover NEO : The New Generation of Freeride Skates

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The NEO collection from FR SKATES embodies the latest innovation in freeride skates. This brand-new model is the successor to the FR model (same name of the brand), which has dominated the market for years, becoming the undisputed benchmark thanks to its exceptional performance and unrivalled comfort. Today, the NEO model promises to go even further, offering enhanced comfort and a superior urban gliding experience. With a design that combines cutting-edge technology and attention to detail, the FR NEO promises to be the must-have choice for all skate enthusiasts.

A Revolutionary Adjustment

NEO skates feature an optimized fit, making the skates feel like a natural extension of your body. Thanks to a rigid base combined with a supple top, these skates offer precise support while allowing adapted flexibility. The use of a new mold improves the fit, allowing better adaptation to foot morphology and a more natural feel when freeriding.

Unrivalled Design and Performance

Flexibility and skating fluidity: NEO skates are designed with a flexible instep that allows great freedom of movement. This translates into exceptional skating fluidity, where every movement is amplified to deliver a smoother, more controlled gliding experience without any pressure. Their lowered balance point, with the foot closer to the ground, improves stability by reducing the thickness between the deck and the foot.

Comfort and adaptability

Dual-density anatomical shell: The NEO shell is made of dual-density material for a better anatomical fit, offering sensational comfort and freedom. The inner liner, padded with thermoformable foam, adjusts perfectly to the shape of the foot, ensuring optimum support.

Customized settings: The cuffs, or top sections of the skates, feature 4-position adjustable screws, allowing you to adjust the height and inclination for total customization to your preferences. These adjustments allow precise adaptation to your body shape, enhancing performance and comfort.

Technical Performance

5-Hole Energy Plates: The aluminum plates, located between the turntable and the hull, ensure optimum power transfer and perfect frame centering. Their 5-hole design allows different plates to be installed, offering compatibility with almost all frames on the market.

High-quality frames and wheels: 3x110 mm (240 mm) aluminum chainrings are combined with Downtown wheels and Twincam MW7 bearings, offering an ideal combination of speed and stability. Downtown wheels are renowned for their excellent grip, good rebound and long life, thanks to a high-quality rubber compound that allows you to go fast without crashing into the ground. Twincam MW7 bearings ensure smooth, fast rotation, contributing to better overall performance with good velocity and increased resistance.

Availability and Color Options

NEO skates are available in three versions:
- The NEO 2 DUAL 310 - TEAL skates
- The NEO 2 80 - BLACK skates
- NEO 1 DUAL 80 INTUITION - BLACK soon available on our website nomadeshop.com.


NEO skates embody a new era of freeriding, where comfort, performance and aesthetics come together to deliver an unparalleled skating experience. Whether you're a long-time enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of freeride skate, NEOs promise an unprecedented urban adventure. Come and try them out in store at Nomadeshop in Paris, Bastille and feel the difference for yourself!

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