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Which spare parts to choose for roller hockey?

Roller hockey is a sport similar to ice hockey, but played with roller skates instead of ice skates. Depending on the playing field, the names can change. For example, street hockey is played on the street and on asphalt. Rollerblades are part of the main equipment, but others are also essential, such as a stick, a helmet or gloves. Thanks to the roller-hockey spare parts available online, you can make up for wear and tear on your accessories or make them more efficient.

Discovering roller hockey

Roller hockey is very similar to ice hockey with a few exceptions. Opposing teams each play with 5 players, including the goalkeeper, who guards small cages. The players move on skates with in-line wheels. The objective of each team is to score as many goals as possible by shooting the puck into the opposing goal. In street hockey, the puck is replaced by a small ball.

Essential roller hockey accessories


Roller hockey spare parts are mainly intended for rollerblades. Indeed, these are essential for the various movements of the players on the field. The models used are those with 4 in-line wheels.

The stock

It is available in junior or senior size with a handle in different materials, wood, aluminium, plastic, carbon, etc. To make the difference between a junior and a senior stick, you have to refer to their dimensions. The junior stock (between 116 cm and 138 cm) is shorter than the senior (between 140 cm and 158 cm). The paddle is one of the roller-hockey spare parts that can be fitted to a stick. The choice of paddles depends on a number of factors, including curvature and size. The angle of curvature has a great impact on the execution of technical moves and the accuracy of shots.


They act as a barrier against the inevitable stick impacts during a game of roller-hockey. They also prevent your body from being exposed to puck shots and offer protection in case of a fall.

The helmet

The helmet is an integral part of every hockey player's kit. It is not only used to protect the skull, but also the face, as it is usually equipped with either a visor or a grille. It is available on roller-hockey spare parts websites.

The gloves

It is not advisable to play roller hockey with bare hands. It is recommended that you choose gloves designed specifically for the sport. In addition to protecting your hands, they give you a good feel for the stick. It is crucial that the movement of your wrist or fingers is not hindered by the presence of gloves. They should therefore be flexible and strong.

If you are a keen hockey player, it is important to keep your skates in good condition. To this end, there are some roller-hockey spare parts that will help you. These include wheels and bearings that you can change. To give your skates a touch of fantasy, you can treat yourself to some colourful laces.