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Child's Scooter PRIMO V2 Navy Blue

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MINI Scooter Children SPORTY 3 in 1 Rose

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TROTTINETTE Mini Deluxe Purple

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TROTTINETTE Mini Deluxe navy blue

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From the earliest age, boys and girls are drawn to wheeled toys, and irrepressibly want to get on them. Whether it's a bike, scooter or draisienne, these toys are not only great fun, but also excellent for toddlers' development. The 3-wheeled children's scooter is a must-have among all existing types of kids scooters, and can be used from an early age.

What use is a 3-wheel scooter?

All you need to know about the 3-wheel scooter for kids.

It's a common misconception that sliding activities are too dangerous for young children. However, it's precisely when they're small that they're quickest to learn the right moves, and can really enjoy themselves. The 3-wheel scooter is an excellent way to introduce children to sliding. They can be used by children on family outings or at the park. 

Why not organize a scooter outing with the parents on their adult scooters, followed by their children on three-wheeled scooters, to have a great time?

What is a 3-wheeled scooter?

A child's 3-wheel scooter is simply a traditional scooter to which a third wheel has been added, either at the front or rear. With its stable platform and stem-mounted handlebars, the 3-wheeled scooter lets kids try their hand at balance sports on a board that's far more stable than a conventional model. Its great stability makes it accessible from an early age, and we recommend this type of scooter from 2 years (and up to 5/6 years).

How to choose a 3-wheel scooter?

Although 3-wheel scooters are all based on the same principle, it's important to choose the right model for your child's age and size. For greater stability, we recommend a scooter with 2 wheels at the front and 1 at the back, but the best thing is to let your child try out the different models.

Once the scooter configuration has been chosen, it's time for the design! Children have a right to style too, and 3-wheel scooters offer a wide choice of colors, designs and patterns.

Budget for a 3-wheel scooter

For a 3-wheel scooter, Nomadeshop offers a wide choice of Micro and Globber models priced from €49.90 to €139.

What are the features of a 3-wheel scooter?

Weight:1.5 kg for a maximum load of 20 kg for mini children's scooters 

           1.7 kg for a maximum load of 20 kg for SPORTY 3 in 1 pink mini scooters 

           1.99 kg for a maximum load of 35 kg for DELUXE mini scooters

           2.33 kg for a maximum load of 50 kg for mini 3 in 1 pink PUSH BAR scooters

Sizes: The height of the steering bars can be adjusted according to the child's height.

The Primo V2 Navy Blue GLOBBER scooter has a tbar adjustable to 3 height levels for children aged 3 and over.

Wheels and comfort

For children aged 3 and over who have never ridden a scooter before, a 3-wheel children's scooter is recommended for developing balance, generally up to age 4. It's a perfectly stable model for learning to scooter in complete safety, thanks to the weight-transfer system. Complementing the draisienne, the 3-wheeled scooter enables children to propel themselves upright and to steer using not just their legs, but their whole body.

What are the advantages of a 3-wheel scooter?

Children, even the very young, love the sensation of gliding. To enable them to have fun without taking risks, the 3-wheel scooter remains the best option. But it's also an excellent way to help children improve their balance and gain self-confidence, so they can move on to two-wheeled models, or even rollerblades or a skateboard.

Essential equipment

Although it's not a freestyle scooter, the 3-wheeled scooter remains a sliding sport, which can involve certain risks. To protect your child in the event of a fall, it's essential to get him or her used to the equipment right from the start. You'll need scooter protection - helmet, kneepads and elbow pads - to protect the head and joints in the event of a fall. It's important to remember that mini riders are still growing, and an injury can affect their development. To help them accept the equipment, don't hesitate to let them choose their protectors in the colors of their choice.

At Nomadeshop, you can also equip your child's scooter with light-up wheels. The lights are powered by induction energy and light up when the child moves forward, so there's no need for batteries. This lighting system provides extra safety when your child is out and about at night.

Scooter maintenance

Spare parts are always at your service.

To ensure that your child's scooter lasts a long time, you need to tighten all the small parts regularly. If your child uses the scooter on a daily basis, remember to check it every week. If the scooter is only used occasionally, one check a month should suffice.

Would you like to introduce your child to the joys of gliding? At Nomadeshop, you'll find 3-wheeled children's scooters and all the equipment you need to have fun in complete safety.