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What use is a children's scooter?

While for adults the scooter is above all a means of getting around, it's a different story for children, who see it more as a toy they can't get enough of. Scooters give children a chance to exercise, strengthen their physique and develop their motor skills. It's also a great way to teach children balance and coordination.

Evolving scooters, folding 2-wheel scooters... Today, there's a wide choice of models for all ages.

Evolutive scooter from 1 year

The choice of scooter depends on the child's sense of balance. It's all individual, because there are those who manage to stand up straight at an early age, and there are those who come to it later.

Evolutive scooters - "3 in 1" or "5 in 3", as with the Micro or Globber brands - help children aged one and over to learn motor skills and balance. Featuring an innovative design, the evolving scooter transforms as the child grows, offering numerous possibilities for the youngest. Children can start learning to balance sitting on the seat, accompanied by a parent who pushes and steers them with the directional stick. The seat can be easily removed once the child has grown up, so that steering becomes intuitive. As some models are equipped with adjustable handlebars, they can be used for quite a long time - up to 6 years!

Draisienne or children's scooter?

The draisienne is suitable for children from the age of 2, provided they can walk perfectly well. Easy to handle, this pedal-less bike enables children to move around on their own, using their feet to gain independence and balance at an early age. The draisienne also makes the transition to a real bike without the need for stabilizing wheels (small wheels). Once balance has been acquired, all that's left to do is to teach the child to coordinate his or her legs to turn the pedals!

From kids' scooters to adult or freestyle scooters

The transition is individual. If a child starting out on a scooter is not at all interested in doing tricks, he or she will be redirected to a teen or adult scooter. For those who dream of doing tricks and going to skateparks, the choice of a freestyle scooter is obvious. Sometimes, parents encourage their children to switch to a freestyle scooter, because they want to buy them a sturdier scooter that lasts longer than a ride-on scooter. In this case, even with a freestyle scooter, the child will continue to ride as usual and get around town without having to go to skateparks.

What budget should you allow for a children's scooter?

You'll need to pay between €89 and €139 for an evolutionary scooter. This could be a good long-term investment, bearing in mind that this machine could be used by your child from age 1 to 6. For a 3-wheel scooter, Nomadeshop offers a wide choice of Micro and Globber models priced from €49.90 to €139.

What are the features of a children's scooter?

Sizes and weights

2-wheel scooter :

Weight: between 2.85 kg and 5.1 kg for a maximum load of 100 kg

Sizes: GLOBBER Flow scooters can be adjusted to 4 different heights to suit your height. From 80, 85, 90 to 95 cm from the ground, to suit children, teenagers and adults.

Other scooters, such as the sprite balade scooter or cruiser scooter, have a steering bar that can be adjusted to suit the user's height.

3-wheel scooter :

Weight:1.5 kg for a maximum load of 20 kg for mini children's scooters 

           1.7 kg for a maximum load of 20 kg for SPORTY 3 in 1 mini children's scooters

           1.99 kg for a maximum load of 35 kg for DELUXE mini scooters

           2.33 kg for a maximum load of 50 kg for mini 3 in 1 PUSH BAR scooters 

Sizes: Steering bar heights can be adjusted according to the child's height.

Brakes and stability

An essential part to guarantee safety and control of the scooter.

We offer MICRO brakes for children and adults.

Wheels and comfort

3-wheel scooter

For children aged 3 and over who have never ridden a scooter before, a 3-wheel children's scooter is recommended for developing balance, generally up to age 4. It's a perfectly stable model for learning to scooter in complete safety, thanks to the weight-transfer system. Complementing the draisienne, the 3-wheeled scooter enables children to propel themselves upright and to steer using not just their legs, but their whole body.

2-wheel scooter

When will the "real" 2-wheel scooter arrive? Often recommended for children aged 4 and over with a height of 1.10 to 1.50 m, the 2-wheel scooter lets you get around independently. Often foldable, 2-wheel scooters are easy to transport and don't take up much room in the parents' car. Before buying a 2-wheel scooter for your child, make sure he or she has mastered the basics of riding one: you need to know how to propel, brake and control the scooter at speed.

Essential equipment for safe practice

Safety first

For optimum safety, opt for a scooter with front and rear brakes, especially if this is your child's first scooter. Remember to check that the braking system is efficient and reliable. Wearing a helmet is compulsory when scootering, whether you're a child or an adult in any discipline. Other scooter guards like Kneepads and elbow pads can also be added, although these are optional when scootering and are more for the reassurance of parents.  

At Nomadeshop, you can also equip your child's scooter with light-up wheels. The lights run on induction power and light up when the child moves forward, so no batteries are required. This lighting system provides extra safety when your child is out and about at night.

How to maintain a children's scooter ?

Spare parts are always at your service.

To ensure that your child's scooter lasts a long time, you'll need to tighten all the small parts regularly. If your child uses the scooter on a daily basis, remember to check it every week. If the scooter is only used occasionally, a monthly check should suffice.

You'll find all our scooter models and tips on our website and in our Paris boutique.