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What are the different types of roller skates?

Roller skates are not only a product but also an urban gliding sport. However, there are numerous types of roller skates designed for various purposes. One common type is inline skates, which have wheels aligned in a row, hence the name "in-line." Another type is the classic roller skate, also known as quad skates, which has two wheels in the front and two wheels in the back. While these two wheel alignments are easily identifiable, there are many differences among roller skates. For example, inline skates may have different numbers of wheels, varying wheel sizes from small to large, different plate lengths, and other elements that make them suitable for different types of skating based on their characteristics.

What is Roller Fitness - Recreational Roller Skating?

Roller Fitness, also known as recreational roller skating, is the ideal type of roller skate for beginners. If you are interested in gliding sports, particularly roller skating, recreational or fitness roller skates are the most suitable models for taking your first steps in the world of urban gliding. Recreational roller skates are designed for smooth skating, such as city rides, commuting to work, or countryside routes. They are suitable for beginners and occasional skaters.

What is Quad Roller Skating?

Quad roller skating, originally known as roller skating, is what most of us used to call "roller skates" in the 80s, but today quad roller skating encompasses many sub-disciplines. Quad roller skates consist of a regular shoe with a chassis attached with 2x2 parallel wheels, featuring soft and wide wheels with a small diameter. Modern versions of the equipment used for these setups are on par with inline skates in terms of quality. The practice of quad roller skating is simply different, especially more technical, as the wheelbase is shorter under the foot, although more stable laterally. The advantage of quad roller skates is the ability to choose your own shoe and create a unique roller skate that suits you. It feels like wearing your own sneakers, and for a good reason. There are three disciplines in quad roller skating: artistic roller skating (which involves dancing on roller skates), recreational roller skating (which is now associated with classic roller skates and mainly used for urban transportation, jumps, etc.), and roller derby (a contact and speed sport played on an oval track).

What is Speed Skating?

Speed skating, also known as performance skating or roller touring, is a type of roller skate that allows you to push the limits of your skating performance. Speed skates are designed for physical training, similar to running or cycling. It involves skating long distances on roads, bike paths, or concrete ring tracks specifically designed for this purpose. Speed skating is a discipline focused on gliding, where muscles work efficiently without putting excessive strain on the joints. Touring skates have been improved and optimized to be used by a wide range of skaters, thanks to very comfortable boots that provide excellent support. Our advice: touring skates are ideal for those who seek speed without sacrificing control.

Specialized Roller Skates for Children?

Roller skates for children, also known as junior roller skates, are designed to fit the morphology of children perfectly and meet the needs and desires of young riders. The boots of children's roller skates provide excellent foot and ankle support without restricting movement, encouraging children to maintain the correct posture while skating. When this is achieved, young skaters can have fun safely. Moreover, the children's roller skates offered by Nomadeshop come from reputable brands known for their quality, providing the same quality and finish as adult roller skates in their junior ranges. Additionally, children's roller skates are adjustable to 4 to 5 sizes (29 to 34, 32 to 37, 36 to 40). This way, there is no need to invest every year, just push a button and slide the liner to the next size up. Some children's roller skates are also sold in packs that include protective gear. Children's roller skates are available in inline skates or quad skates.

What is Street Roller - Aggressive Roller?

Street roller or aggressive roller represents the extreme part of roller skating. Street roller, or aggressive roller, is an underground and authentic universe. Street roller or aggressive roller is a type of roller skate adapted to urban challenges such as jumping over large gaps, sliding on rails for rockslides, or riding on ramps in skateparks. The main brands for street roller include Razors, USD, Remz, Valo, Xjado, Trigger, etc.

What is Freeskate Roller?

Freeskate roller, or freeride roller, is a more versatile and technical type of roller skate compared to fitness roller skates. Freeskate roller, or freeride roller, is a technical skate suitable for slalom, jumping, sliding, and downhill skating. The term freeskate roller, or freeride roller, emerged about a decade ago to initially describe a new category of rollers rather than a specific practice of this urban gliding sport.

How to Choose the Right Size for Roller Skates?

As a general rule, the size to choose for roller skates should be one size above your preferred sneakers so that your foot is not too cramped. However, choosing a size that is too big may cause your foot to rub more at the back of the roller boot, leading to blisters. Feel free to refer to the size guide provided on each product page, located just below the sizes.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact our customer service or try on the roller skates in-store. If the roller skates you ordered from our website are too big or too small, Nomadeshop offers you the possibility to exchange them within 30 days! So, keep the original packaging.