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How to choose your freestyle scooter handlebars

In this article, we explain what materials, size and compression system to choose for your handlebars to ensure your scooter runs smoothly!

How to choose a freestyle scooter ?

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What are the different types of scooters?

In our Nomadeshop store located in Paris Bastille, as well as on our website, you will find several types of scooters. Indeed, the scooter, also known as the "patinette" in older terms, is typically composed of a handlebar, a deck (platform), and two or three wheels for smaller riders (and more recently for adults). However, depending on the intended use, the scooter may have a completely different composition of materials, which will also be reflected in the price of the product. We will therefore explain the differences between all these scooters.

Adult Scooter

The adult scooter, also known as a city scooter or a leisure scooter, is most commonly used for urban transportation. It can also be used by teenagers, but it is particularly popular among adults as it has been redesigned for them. Over the years, the adult scooter has become the ideal means of transportation for commuting to work, making daily commutes more enjoyable and less tiring. Designed mainly for this purpose, it is equipped with wheels with a diameter of over 180 mm, allowing for faster movement with less effort compared to the earlier scooters with 100 mm or 110 mm wheels. Moreover, the city scooters offered by Nomadeshop are all foldable, which makes it easier to transport them on public transport or once you arrive at the office.

Freestyle Scooter

The freestyle scooter is designed for thrill-seekers. It is used for skatepark or urban riding, and allows for breathtaking tricks and stunts. Freestyle scooter has become one of the most popular urban action sports. It differs from the adult scooter in terms of smaller wheels (from 100 mm to 120 mm), lighter materials, and a 360° rotating handlebar. It also has the advantage of being customizable to the user's preferences, as all the components are sold separately and there are a wide variety of parts available in different colors.

Kids Scooter

The kids scooter is similar to the adult scooter, but with smaller wheels (up to 100 mm), a lower handlebar height, and a smaller and narrower deck to fit the size and feet of the child. At Nomadeshop, you can find scooters for kids aged 5 and up, for both boys and girls.

3-Wheel Kids Scooter

3-wheel kids scooters are also often referred to as junior scooters. They are specially designed for younger children. Their ergonomics are designed to be as stable as possible to prevent the child from falling and getting injured. Junior scooters are undoubtedly popular among young riders and the adults who gift them. Globber and Micro are the main brands we recommend for junior scooters.

Baby Scooter

The baby scooter, suitable for children as young as 1 year old, is a small 3-wheel scooter. Nomadeshop recommends the Globber or Micro convertible scooters. Convertible scooters are innovative as they will evolve as the child grows to adapt to their needs. Initially, one of the parents can steer and push the scooter, allowing the child to sit and experience the first sensations of gliding. Later, the seat and handlebar can be removed to allow the child to ride the scooter on their own with the support of the 3 wheels for balance, even in turns. The height of the handlebar is adjustable for the child's growth.